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Nestled at the foot of the cliffs of the Dordogne, Gluges is worth a visit. The story goes that Edith Piaf was a faithful visitor to the small village church. She loved this place so much that she allowed all the stained glass windows to be redone, but on one condition: “that no one would know about it while she was alive!”.

Opposite impressive cliffs of the Dordogne River, a commodious, shady beach invites to relax, picnic and a refreshing swim in clear waters. The beach is monitored every afternoon in July and August. If you want to try a canoe or paddle board descent, don’t hesitate to go to the rental companies on the other side of the bridge.

6 min drive towards Montvalent you will find another beach – maybe less attractive, since there are no cliffs – but you can stop by to have lunch at the pleasant Restaurant «La Guinguette du Vieux Chêne».

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Activities around Gluges

… rent a Canoe or Stand Up Paddle at «Compagnie Sports Nature»

visit of «Montvalent», a very characteristic village on the ‘Route de la Noix’. The surrounding of Montvalent is part of «Natura 2000», a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union.

visit lovely «Martel», a delightful, well known and well visited medieval town (9 min).

take a ride on the steam train «Le Trouffadou» which takes you high above into the cliffs with a glorious view into the Vallée de la Dordogne.

enjoy «Rocamadour» (20 min). A village drifting in between heaven and earth, built partly into the cliffs high above the river Alzou. Already, in the Middle Ages, Rocamadour was admired. In the 12th century, pilgrims travelled from all over Europe to this amazing place.

… plunge into the depths of the gigantic, mind blowing, absolutely stunning cave «Le gouffre de Padirac» (20 min).

… visit one or all of the three villages «Carennac» (20 min), «Loubressac» (30 min) or «Autoire» (30 min) with its famous waterfall. There is a 2.5 h hike including the waterfall around Autoire (more information on this circuit).  These three villages are nominated under the 172 most beautiful villages of France «Les plus beaux villages de France».