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For 17th year, GEO SEASON publishes its Top 100 hotels in Europe.  We are really honoured to be listed.


The 11-member jury of journalists from GEO Saison and experts from the tourism industry will spend a year looking for special accommodation across the continent and present the best from ten different categories in the current magazine (issue 2/2023).

The list of the best is intended to meet the needs of all types of holidaymakers – and therefore awards prizes according to the motto “What do you need on holiday? accommodations from very different categories: In addition to family, bathing, wellness, sustainability, hiking, tranquillity and city, hotels from the categories of biking, romance and once in a lifetime are also included in the compilation for the first time.

In the selection process, the jury is not looking for the largest or most expensive residences, but for that certain something: a special feel-good atmosphere, an innovative concept, a particularly good price-relaxation ratio.



Note: this is not an advertorial, it is an editorial choice of GEOSaison we have not made any financial transaction in exchange for this selection.