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Occupying 176,000 ha, a large part of the limestone plateau of the Lot (the “Causses”), the Parc Naturel Régional des  Causses du Quercy is one of the least populated areas of France.

Can be classified “Regional Natural Park” a predominantly rural territory whose landscapes, natural environments and cultural heritage are of high quality, but whose balance is fragile. A Regional Natural Park is organized around a concerted project of sustainable development, based on the protection and enhancement of its natural and cultural heritage. The landscapes are therefore particularly preserved and remarkable.

The plateau, covered with oak forests, and of apparent austerity, is notched with green cultivated valleys (Lot, Dordogne, Célé, Ouysse).

The remarkable natural environments of the territory of the Regional Natural Park are for the most part closely linked to human activities, mainly agricultural, which have favored the maintenance of open spaces.

This is particularly the case of dry grass “wild orchids”, emblematic medium of the Causses du Quercy.

The Regional Natural Park of Causses du Quercy includes a wide variety of natural habitats: cliffs, scree, sinkholes, wet meadows and marshes, ponds (“lakes of St Namphaise”) …

It is also labeled UNESCO Global Geoparc. Here, stone is everywhere! Geology has left its mark throughout the territory, shaping the identity of Causses du Quercy and hiding real treasures.

Over time, each geological event has left its mark on the Park: fossils, sedimentary layers, traces of waves or tides, lapiaz, phosphates, caves and underground rivers … More than 140 “GeoSites” have been identified!

UNESCO did not make a mistake, and awarded the Park, in 2017, the Geoparc label, for the richness of this geological heritage. As you walk through the Causses du Quercy, you will notice this omnipresence of the stone in the landscape … And you will discover some treasures!

Our domain is located in the middle of the Park allowing you to easily radiate on foot, bike, motorcycle, horse or car.

Brochure in pdf “Discover the GeoPark” in English click here.

We obtained the label “Valeurs Parc” Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy which covers three points:

– Respect for the environment, cultural heritage and contribution to the strengthening of their richness,

– Maintenance and respect of a strong human and social dimension,

– Expression of an attachment to the territory,

We will share with you throughout your stay our favourites, sometimes far from the beaten track.