In Straende

A refreshing pause on the way to or from «Cahors», halfway from Mas de Nadal (30 min). The creek called Vers is a tributary of the Lot which cuts into the causse in a north-south axis from Labastide-Murat to its confluence with the Lot underneath the village of Vers. On its path it crosses the small and hidden villages of Saint-Martin de Vers and Saint-Sauveur-la-Vallée which are worth a visit. This stream, appreciated by nature lovers, is home to remarkable and protected plant and animal species.

There are two beaches. One of them, with snack-bar, pétanque-square and furnished picnic area is just below the village by the old stonebridge. Parkings are before the village camping. Tracing through the water underneath the bridge opens up to a gorgeous waterfall and nice water pools.

The next beach, much more secluded, is a «15 min walk up the stream», crossing the village and heading towards the back of it always following parallel to the stream, into the forest of the valley. This area is a real jewel! There is not a lot of space for a big bunch of visitors, so be there early in the afternoon, stay a while for picnic and river bathing and then let the locals take their spaces after their workday. Take good care of the precious nature.

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