In Straende

Another local beach of the river Lot close to «Albas» (8 min). Shaded areas and picnic tables under the trees. Castelfranc is a small, pretty village to visit on the go. The water is great and the surrounding pretty. Around 1h from Mas de Nadal after the beautiful village «Albas» and before the medieval village «Puy l’Évèque» perched on top of the streams of the Lot river. Both villages are in the heart of the vine region of Cahors.

Distances to Castelfranc: Mas de Nadal 1 h, Puy l’Évèque 10 min, Cahors 25 min.

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Around Castelfranc

visit the «Archeological site La Plage aux Ptérosaures» by Crayssac (11 min). At the end of the Jurassic Period, the region of Crayssac was covered by the sea. At the bottom of the calm waters the fine mud recorded the most subtle traces. 150 million years later and thousands of hours of excavation unearthed the thin layers of limestone…

… visit the vineyards «Château de Caix» in Luzech (13 min), «Château Eugénie» by  Albas (10 min) or the «Château Saint-Sernin» by Parnac (12 min). The «Château Ponzac» by Carnac-Rouffiac is about 15 min south of Castelfranc.

visit the beautiful town «Albas». They call it ‘Albas, la jolie’ not for no reason … (11 min from Castelfranc)